Week XI

Weekly Agenda

  1. Two Daily Creates
  2. Video Assignments
  3. Video Path Two Pt. 2
  4. QOTW


The second week of video work was relatively unproductive to me as far as digital storytelling, I was not feeling too well and had to deal with some other coursework that caught up with me. However, Haley, Rachel and I were able to make a pretty cool, apocalyptic themed video piece. I know what your saying though, the radio show was pretty intense, but this was looking at the apocalypse from a different point of view, perhaps a bit more realistic view.

Daily Creates

Tuesday’s Daily Create, making the strand of tweets using gifs, was actually hilarious and you must go back to the class twitter to check it out!

Video Assignments

I apologize to all following, I have slipped very far behind due to the baseball schedule at Mary Washington and I have been unable to find the time to complete the video assignments to this point, however, I can assure you that they will be posted in a later blog and this post will be edited to add the additional videos completed with this week’s coursework.

Video Path Two Pt. 2

QOTW: You hear on the radio that the End has started. What do you do first?

When I hear that The End has started, I will probably take a minute to slow down and remember YOLO. You only live once. If I don’t take The End seriously, I will not be able to YOLT, you only live twice, so I would start gathering materials and resources to aide me along the way into The End.

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