Week Two Is In Order

All in all, it was a good week. I am now officially submerged into apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic art, literature, and now even making my own apocalyptic stories. I started my week by organizing my different readings, videos, and assignments in order to allow each one to enhance another. I am now writing this post while looking over my week and I am finding myself enjoying all of the new avenues DS106 has brought me to!


End Day:

End Day was quite interesting. I thought that the idea was very cool, almost like Final Destiny or something like that! They certainly covered many of the possibilities for the Apocalypse.


My favorite scenario: Meteor. I probably would not have thought of this scenario or included it at first, but BBC portrayed this scenario in an almost interactive manner, it felt like I was almost in the movie.

Silliest Scenario: Big Bang. Definitely took very little time and effort for this scenario, I was thoroughly disappointed yet entertained by the silly theme.

Best/Most Realistic Scenario: TSUNAMI! Definitely seems far too realistic for me. I couldn’t help but ponder the potential situations that could affect me.


The Stand

By: Stephen King

LOVE IT SO FAR! I have never read a Stephen King book before, but I am so drawn in by his style and tone. The book as a gloomy feel and the post-apocalyptic theme is so interesting to me as it is relevant to my life in two ways: 1) its based on a medical concern and I love studying medicine. 2) The Flu is a current topic creepily applies to today’s news.


Routledge Article:

The Routledge Article gave me a new and genuinely improved perspective on Apocalyptic and Post-Apocalyptic entertainment. Since I had not been too emerged in the topic prior to this class, I am just now discovering how well developed Apocalyptic Art is and how it has conversely affected society-it seems as if we as a society I constantly looking for the next “big thing” to catch online or “breaking news” and what would be bigger than an apocalypse itself. It seems like it would be all too possible….



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