Week 9 In a Wrap

Weekly Agenda

  1. Three Daily Creates. I repeat 3 TDCs
  2. Radio Show Tune-In/Reflection
  3. Revision Assignment
  4. QOTW

Week 9 was easy going, felt like a catch up week almost! I had a good time enjoying the lighter workload and taking some real time to sit down and read/reflect/comment on others posts and projects for the past few weeks! I was thrilled to see that everyone has been having such a good time with the assignments and enjoying their own apocalypses as they merged together into radio shows.

Daily Creates

The Daily Creates that I completed this week were actually hilarious. I dont know where people come up with these things, but I like them!

Assignment Remix

This past week I chose to remix one of the audio assignments that I completed form the DS106 assignment bank. The assignment that I remixed was to make a computer generated song, so I had created a song that was made completely on my computer using Logic, instead of adding on to a sample that I pulled from youtube.

Radio Shows

Eagle Report was a smash hit! I was so impressed with the work that Dan, Haley, Rachel, and I were able to put together, everyone played a fun and important role in the assignment and it really made a solid radio show.


Aside from the Eagle Report I also tuned into The Talk Sh*t Show! I have to say it was well fleshed out! I loved the background sounds as a topper, it completed the audiofile! But, the content was informative, hilarious, and well done! Round of applause for the creativity and enthusiasm in the radio show! #Altf4

QOTW: What’s one thing you definitely couldn’t live without during the apocalpyse? How would you go about obtaining it?

One thing I absolutely could not go without in the apocalypse has to be shoes…. I don’t think I could do an apocalypse barefoot. Its not happening. I would go to some pretty far depths to get my hands on some shoes. I would probably raid shoe stores or scavenge them from bodies. My sensitive feet just couldn’t handle an apocalypse!

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