The Journey Is Never Ending

Bi-Weekly Agenda

  1. 7 Daily Creates
  2. Final Project
  3. Final Thoughts


The final two weeks of Digital Storytelling has been more eventful than normal. All in all, it seemed to have the least work of all of the weeks, but the assignment was kind of free flowing and independent.

At the beginning of the semester the work for this class seemed meaningless and goofy, but in due time I was able to see the value in sticking with the work. By the time the end of the class came around I was enjoying the work more and more and even found myself using the creative techniques from the class to continue to develop into a more outgoing and innovative person. I have learned countless computer design skills and got an interesting first hand introduction to creating a blog, which I never thought that I would do, but DS106 has inspired me to even create some potential blogs in the near future (hint, hint)!

7 Daily Creates

Below are the 7 Daily Creates that I completed over the past two weeks! Some of the funny ones include the Rogue Twitter Bird, inventor of pizza, and Chris Christie. The most interesting one was about my first memory, the funniest was definitely “what did Chris Christie close next,” and the strangest one has to be the “old” picture of one of my good friends disguised as Mr. Bean.

Final Project

The final project was productive and creative. I thoroughly enjoyed the assignment as I was able to pick and choose which kinds of media work best with my style and the was how I organized the information in my head. I chose to the audio portion of the project because I enjoy using my voice as a medium to speak to my audience. I chose to do the disease poster because it was fun to see what the reality of the situation would be like. If there was an actual apocalypse, there would be so many different forms of advertisment in order to inform everybody about the epidemic, so I even created an accurate mapping of the spread of the disease over time.


Final Thoughts

DS106 was a fun class! I thought that it was so cool to be able to tell stories using so many different kinds of technology. I am definitely going to be using these skills later on in my life and in my career. Considering that technology is moving so quickly, I give this course credit for catching me back up to the recent technological advancement and capabilities of my own laptop.



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