The End of The End of The End

Yes, the title is very accurate, I know.

So, the final cumulation of events has occurred, the Eagle Report seems to have released an update to the epidemic that is going on! I compiled together all of the evidence that has been gathered about the apocalyptic epidemic and found some vital information on the internet that is useful to help survive the apocalypse!


As we have previously discussed some of the evidence such as the symptoms, potential invasion pathways, and treatments/prevention, it appears that recent developments have led to advances in understanding the next steps necessary to stop The End from happening! In order to follow the information below, you need to follow it as it happened!


First, the CDC released a map (above) showing the spread of the epidemic as it went down. As you can see the epidemic began in Fredericksburg, Virginia and has been spreading in all directions at an exponential rate. By week one Pathicus Metallicus spread about 300 miles in each direction. By week two the spread reached the midwest and reached a maximum distance of about 1100 miles and stretched all the way into Kansas. Then, by week 3 the disease had officially taken over and made itself at home in the US, Mexico, Canada, and even the Caribbean!


As the disease took hold of a greater part of the North American population, researchers gathered tons of information and conclusions about the pathology of the disease. Much of this information and a step by step plan to rid of the disease can be heard in the latest snippet from the Eagle Report (above).


This poster (above) was produced by the National Association Against Pathicus Metallicus (N. A. A. P. M.). NAAPM, the U.S. Government, NATO, and the United Nations have gotten together for several meetings over the past two months to create a universal poster to inform the general population about the necessary information needed to prevent the continuous spread of the disease. So, if you or anyone you know has seen this poster, it is not only a responsibility, but a civil duty to take care of your community by spreading the news through this poster!

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