The Beginning of The End of The End

I have been brainstorming on what my final interconnected media project and have come up with some cool ideas. I initially was thinking about doing a series of blog posts over time that would carry out a storyline for the apocalypse, but that idea was going to be mostly writing intensive and I would lack visual and auditory components of the project. So, I decided that I could do a series of episodes showing the progression of the apocalypse as it happened in time.


To accurately describe my apocalypse, I am going to do a combination of three types of media: writing, design, and audio. I will first use audio to describe the apocalypse and catch the audience of the Eagle Report Radio Show back up to date with a synopsis of the recent events as the disease spreads westward. Following the radio show, I will be sending a map of the epidemic as it spreads across North America over time. Then I will be wrapping up the synopsis of events with a written account of The End.

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