Eagle Report 2.0

(Below) The Lab (ft. wings and Cannon)








Currently sitting here with Dan, Haley, and Rachel as we record our finals takes for the radio show before it is published. We are all excited to fill you in on the Westward Expansion going on in their apocalypse.

Preview: Louraine Baxter shares with us a brief background on the recent occurrings. Joey Buckets gives his almost meaningless eye witness account. Buckets is followed by Faniel Kan who called in to share his account of what is going on and his recent experimentation.

One thought on “Eagle Report 2.0”

  1. Meaningless eye witness accounts, I can’t wait to hear these. It reminds me of all the news broadcasts where they have eyewitness testimonies that don’t matter at all. I think it will be good to see or hear in this case where our westward expansion takes us. Sounds like your show will be like those I listen to in the mornings on my way to school. Informative yet funny. I can’t wait.

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