Clock Strikes Twelve

Weekly Agenda

  1. 12 Assignment Stars
  2. Evidence
  3. QOTW


The second week of video work was relatively unproductive to me as far as digital storytelling, I was not feeling too well and had to deal with some other coursework that caught up with me. However, Haley, Rachel and I were able to make a pretty cool, apocalyptic themed video piece. I know what your saying though, the radio show was pretty intense, but this was looking at the apocalypse from a different point of view, perhaps a bit more realistic view.


12 Assignment Stars

Animated Gif Book Cover (5 Stars)

The first time around in this class, making gifs was very difficult for me as I had a hard time trying to make the gif carry a lot of information and attempted to show a scene with the gif. However, this time I read a few blogs on making solid gifs and think it will end up far more clear and smooth.

Make a Meme (2 Stars)

Making memes is always fun, and I was definitely going to do one on Tom Cullen and his M-O-O-N obsession. I really enjoy memes and find them to be one of the best ways to communicate funny material in a quick yet thorough medium.

Pop Quiz (3 Stars)

I wanted my quiz to be informative and give a good outline to the narrative of the story, while still keeping the quiz takers involved by changing up the question types and including some quirky answer choices.

Phake Tweets (2 Stars)

I think that it is fun to put fictional characters into our modern social society and try to imagine how they would behave on such media platforms. When I was thinking about which character to make phake tweets for, I figured that the character you dont get to seen enough of is Randall Flagg. Stephen King continuously brings up Randall Flagg throughout many of his stories and in each one he has some slightly varying characteristics, so you never get a good grasp on the character. However, I found it useful and enjoyable to look back on the storyline from Randall Flagg point of view and follow where he was making big moves along the storyline from an omniscient point of view!

5+2+3+2=12 Stars

QOTW: Look to your right. The thing you see is the only weapon you’ll have during the End. How will you use it to survive?

Oh god, I’m screwed… a desk chair, really? Well, in seeing the positives behind this desk chair, it is comfortable and has capabilities to move up and down to get better vantage points of potential dangers in the distance. In addition, this chair is able to recline ever so slightly removing the tension from your lower back and giving a relaxing sensation to your muscles and joints after a long day of fighting zombies/aliens/whatever it may be. The last real benefit of this desk chair is that it is, in fact, leather, so I can expect long lasting quality and enjoyment out of it! Ehhhhh I’m just being optimistic, this chair would suck as my only weapon in the apocalypse. What could I really do with a desk chair, swing it? I’ll take the L(oss).


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