Bird Flu – The End of Us All

It was a Saturday morning. I woke up in bed and went downstairs to get some breakfast. I got out a bowl and poured myself some cheerios. Usually my parents would make a huge Saturday breakfast for me and my bother but they had traveled to California for a big soccer tournament. As I opened up the refrigerator to take out the milk I noticed that the light did not turn on. As I poured the milk into the bowl I realized it had soured. That was when I looked outside to see a huge tree in my front lawn on its side. The wind must have blown it over. I wondered if there had been a storm the night before and went outside to see if anything else had been damaged. Every tree, telephone pole, and mailbox had been blown down on my street. A swarm of my neighbors had gathered around the in the driveway 4 houses down. I ran over to them and saw an Mr. Roberts, an elderly man lying on the ground. Another neighbor was huddle around him trying to revive him. Parents began to move their children away from the scene. I few minutes later I heard one of my neighbors yell that he was dead.

Mr. Roberts was an intelligent man who had established a local restaurant in the community.  However, everyone in the community, it seemed, knew Mr. Roberts as “the bird man”. He had a collection of birds in his home and would often travel to far away places to trade or buy a bird. In our local parade he would have a float to show off his birds. I had been to his house several times to mow his lawn and clean his gutters. After he broke his hip 4 years ago he had trouble with the yard work so I would help where I could. I had been to his house 2 days before to take out his garbage. When he came outside to thank me, he told me that all of his birds had been acting funny. He said three of his birds had started to foam at the mouth and bleed from their eyes. He was very concerned that they were sick and going to die. I had offered to drive him to the veterinarian but he insisted one was on their way to check them out.

The neighbors had begun to panic as the someone yelled that the Doctor had just lost consciousness. Some neighbors begun to run to their homes. Other decided to walk to the local fire house to see if they could offer any assistant. I had decided to walk over to my friend Patrick’s house to see if he had any good food to eat and wait outthe electricity outage. With no cell service or wifi, it was going to be a long day. Just as I had turned around to walk to Patrick’s I heard a sound. It was sounded like a high pitched scream. I turned around and saw a black line over the horizon which rose like a cloud of darkness in the sky. As the blackness became closer and closer the screeching became louder and louder. I ran into my house and ran to the window.

It was as if time moved in slow motion. People began to scramble for cover. Some people were so stunned they simply stood and watched. The cloud of darkness began to rumble the ground as it came closer. Then suddenly, as if it was a wave in the ocean, the blackness covered the ground. It became black but I felt the vibrations in the window and thought it was going to break. I ran down to the cellar and locked myself in the tornado room. I heard the breaking of glass. The sound became so loud, I thought I was going to go deaf. After what seemed like a lifetime, the noise stopped. I waited 10-15 minutes and then crawled out.

Everything was shattered and everyone was dead. Bodies lay everywhere. I walked over and saw blood was coming from their eyes and foam from their mouth. I thought back to what Mr. Roberts had said about his words and I realized that the sound I heard had sounded exactly like them too! I jumped in my car and drove. About 30 miles out of town, I started to see areas of land which looked unaffected. I followed the upright trees until I needed gas. I pulled into a town which seemed to have not felt the effects of the storm. I got out and remembered that I had my cell phone. I immediately called my parents. They picked up on the first ring. They had heard on the news about the storm and the birds.

Apparently, birds had been infected in South America with a flu that was causing them to become infertile. Several scientists had collected the sick birds and were carrying out research to find a cure. There had been an accident in the lab which had caused the birds to escape. The researches had injected the birds with a possible cure which had actually transformed the flu into a form that was able to be transferred to humans. My parents informed me that it had traveled throughout the world. They said that it had not reached the western part of the US or Canada yet. They told me to travel North and that they would meet me there. They told me that they loved me.

I had just hung up the phone when I heard wind and rustling. I got in my car and starting driving. I heard the screeching first. Then more wind. Then louder screeching. And then, with no warning, it all went black.

RIP Mr. Rodgers

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