10 Weeks Down

Weekly Agenda

  1. Two Daily Creates
  2. Learn How to Read a Movie
  3. Video Essay
  4. QOTW


The first week of video work was quite fun! I really enjoyed 10 Cloverfield Lane as the movie was absolutely everything that it lived up to be! I also was able to further my education on iMovie and how to make some sweet videos on my Macbook… (I should have done this sooner, its pretty neat). I am really excited to see what my video group is able to accomplish next week with the build on to this weeks activities! I chose Path Two as I was fortunate enough to work with Rachel and Haley again, as the plot is thickening from the Eagle Report’s Apocalypse is continuing next week!

Daily Creates

D. A. I. L. Y. C. R. E. A. T. E. S.

The first of which was to take a picture of something that is ordinary but that I think is exceptionally beautiful, I think that this is exceptionally beautiful because something so small and insignificant can RUIN MY WHOLE DAY!

The second daily create was to give an Ol’ Western Themed Hello to a fictional person!

Learn How to Read a Movie


Learn how to read a movie by Robert Ebert was so insightful and was able to convey some deep rooted techniques and mindsets that are used when making and breaking down a movie into its individual parts that come together to form the actual movie as a whole.

I also was able to tune in an watch a few of those short links on filmmaking and some of the simple techniques that are used by world famous directors in order to not just get the attention of the audience, but put the audience onto the set of the movie and into the scene to make the movie reality.

Video Essay

QOTW: What question would you like to ask the class?

Which theme has been the most enjoyable to cover so far for everyone? Design, Audio, or Video?

My personal favorite so far has been audio, but that is probably because it is completed and I was able to see the work that our group put together and admire everyone else creative ability in their radio shows!

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