The Journey Is Never Ending

Bi-Weekly Agenda

  1. 7 Daily Creates
  2. Final Project
  3. Final Thoughts


The final two weeks of Digital Storytelling has been more eventful than normal. All in all, it seemed to have the least work of all of the weeks, but the assignment was kind of free flowing and independent.

At the beginning of the semester the work for this class seemed meaningless and goofy, but in due time I was able to see the value in sticking with the work. By the time the end of the class came around I was enjoying the work more and more and even found myself using the creative techniques from the class to continue to develop into a more outgoing and innovative person. I have learned countless computer design skills and got an interesting first hand introduction to creating a blog, which I never thought that I would do, but DS106 has inspired me to even create some potential blogs in the near future (hint, hint)!

7 Daily Creates

Below are the 7 Daily Creates that I completed over the past two weeks! Some of the funny ones include the Rogue Twitter Bird, inventor of pizza, and Chris Christie. The most interesting one was about my first memory, the funniest was definitely “what did Chris Christie close next,” and the strangest one has to be the “old” picture of one of my good friends disguised as Mr. Bean.

Final Project

The final project was productive and creative. I thoroughly enjoyed the assignment as I was able to pick and choose which kinds of media work best with my style and the was how I organized the information in my head. I chose to the audio portion of the project because I enjoy using my voice as a medium to speak to my audience. I chose to do the disease poster because it was fun to see what the reality of the situation would be like. If there was an actual apocalypse, there would be so many different forms of advertisment in order to inform everybody about the epidemic, so I even created an accurate mapping of the spread of the disease over time.


Final Thoughts

DS106 was a fun class! I thought that it was so cool to be able to tell stories using so many different kinds of technology. I am definitely going to be using these skills later on in my life and in my career. Considering that technology is moving so quickly, I give this course credit for catching me back up to the recent technological advancement and capabilities of my own laptop.



The End of The End of The End

Yes, the title is very accurate, I know.

So, the final cumulation of events has occurred, the Eagle Report seems to have released an update to the epidemic that is going on! I compiled together all of the evidence that has been gathered about the apocalyptic epidemic and found some vital information on the internet that is useful to help survive the apocalypse!


As we have previously discussed some of the evidence such as the symptoms, potential invasion pathways, and treatments/prevention, it appears that recent developments have led to advances in understanding the next steps necessary to stop The End from happening! In order to follow the information below, you need to follow it as it happened!


First, the CDC released a map (above) showing the spread of the epidemic as it went down. As you can see the epidemic began in Fredericksburg, Virginia and has been spreading in all directions at an exponential rate. By week one Pathicus Metallicus spread about 300 miles in each direction. By week two the spread reached the midwest and reached a maximum distance of about 1100 miles and stretched all the way into Kansas. Then, by week 3 the disease had officially taken over and made itself at home in the US, Mexico, Canada, and even the Caribbean!


As the disease took hold of a greater part of the North American population, researchers gathered tons of information and conclusions about the pathology of the disease. Much of this information and a step by step plan to rid of the disease can be heard in the latest snippet from the Eagle Report (above).


This poster (above) was produced by the National Association Against Pathicus Metallicus (N. A. A. P. M.). NAAPM, the U.S. Government, NATO, and the United Nations have gotten together for several meetings over the past two months to create a universal poster to inform the general population about the necessary information needed to prevent the continuous spread of the disease. So, if you or anyone you know has seen this poster, it is not only a responsibility, but a civil duty to take care of your community by spreading the news through this poster!

The Middle of The End of The End

Tuning back in here with The End of Digital Storytelling As We Know It. In planning and determining how I am going to finish the discussion of my apocalypse to everyone, I decided against writing an ending for the apocalypse and perhaps allowing my audience to enjoy the apocalypse for their own imagination and creating an outline and experience for the audience.

In order to do so, I am going to be reintroducing the epidemic by a radio encore of the Eagle Report. After the release of the Eagle Report I will be creating a detailed map with a timeline expressing the spread of the epidemic across the US. Then I will lastly design a educational poster and treatment plan to advertise the effective way to survive the apocalypse.


The Beginning of The End of The End

I have been brainstorming on what my final interconnected media project and have come up with some cool ideas. I initially was thinking about doing a series of blog posts over time that would carry out a storyline for the apocalypse, but that idea was going to be mostly writing intensive and I would lack visual and auditory components of the project. So, I decided that I could do a series of episodes showing the progression of the apocalypse as it happened in time.


To accurately describe my apocalypse, I am going to do a combination of three types of media: writing, design, and audio. I will first use audio to describe the apocalypse and catch the audience of the Eagle Report Radio Show back up to date with a synopsis of the recent events as the disease spreads westward. Following the radio show, I will be sending a map of the epidemic as it spreads across North America over time. Then I will be wrapping up the synopsis of events with a written account of The End.

Clock Strikes Twelve

Weekly Agenda

  1. 12 Assignment Stars
  2. Evidence
  3. QOTW


The second week of video work was relatively unproductive to me as far as digital storytelling, I was not feeling too well and had to deal with some other coursework that caught up with me. However, Haley, Rachel and I were able to make a pretty cool, apocalyptic themed video piece. I know what your saying though, the radio show was pretty intense, but this was looking at the apocalypse from a different point of view, perhaps a bit more realistic view.


12 Assignment Stars

Animated Gif Book Cover (5 Stars)

The first time around in this class, making gifs was very difficult for me as I had a hard time trying to make the gif carry a lot of information and attempted to show a scene with the gif. However, this time I read a few blogs on making solid gifs and think it will end up far more clear and smooth.

Make a Meme (2 Stars)

Making memes is always fun, and I was definitely going to do one on Tom Cullen and his M-O-O-N obsession. I really enjoy memes and find them to be one of the best ways to communicate funny material in a quick yet thorough medium.

Pop Quiz (3 Stars)

I wanted my quiz to be informative and give a good outline to the narrative of the story, while still keeping the quiz takers involved by changing up the question types and including some quirky answer choices.

Phake Tweets (2 Stars)

I think that it is fun to put fictional characters into our modern social society and try to imagine how they would behave on such media platforms. When I was thinking about which character to make phake tweets for, I figured that the character you dont get to seen enough of is Randall Flagg. Stephen King continuously brings up Randall Flagg throughout many of his stories and in each one he has some slightly varying characteristics, so you never get a good grasp on the character. However, I found it useful and enjoyable to look back on the storyline from Randall Flagg point of view and follow where he was making big moves along the storyline from an omniscient point of view!

5+2+3+2=12 Stars

QOTW: Look to your right. The thing you see is the only weapon you’ll have during the End. How will you use it to survive?

Oh god, I’m screwed… a desk chair, really? Well, in seeing the positives behind this desk chair, it is comfortable and has capabilities to move up and down to get better vantage points of potential dangers in the distance. In addition, this chair is able to recline ever so slightly removing the tension from your lower back and giving a relaxing sensation to your muscles and joints after a long day of fighting zombies/aliens/whatever it may be. The last real benefit of this desk chair is that it is, in fact, leather, so I can expect long lasting quality and enjoyment out of it! Ehhhhh I’m just being optimistic, this chair would suck as my only weapon in the apocalypse. What could I really do with a desk chair, swing it? I’ll take the L(oss).


POP QUIZ: Books Away and Pencils Out

POP QUIZ on The Stand by Stephen King

  1. What was the overarching theme of the novel?
  • Post-apocalypse
  • Odyssey
  • Fantasy

2. What was the exact name of the Superflu that spread so ravenously

  • Project Flu
  • Purple Flurp
  • Project Blue
  • Fluvega


3. What is the word that Tom spells out throughout the storyline?

  • S-U-N
  • M-O-O-N
  • P-B-J
  • D-U-M-B

4. What is the name of Glen Bateman’s newly found dog?

  • Joker
  • Kobra
  • Jack
  • Kojak

5. Who is not a member of the Free Zone Committee?

  • Stu
  • Glen
  • Jon
  • Fran
  • Sue
  • Ralph
  • Larry
  • Nick

6. To what famous city does Randal Flagg lead his group of people? __Las Vegas__

7. What was the final desolation?

  • Meteor
  • Bomb
  • Unknown Causes
  • Alien Invasion


8. What causes the detonation of the answer to the question above (6)?

  • Slot Machine
  • The Hand of God
  • Randal Flagg
  • Timer (on the nuclear bomb)


9. Who, from the Free Zone Committee is sent and returns from Las Vegas?

  • Stu
  • Jon
  • Glen
  • Nick

10. To what city did the survivors gather?

  • Albuquerque
  • San Francisco
  • Denver
  • Boulder

11. (T or F) Stu journeys to Maine and leaves Fran behind.

T or F

12. (if F above) What actually happened?

  1. Stu and Fran go back to Maine
  2. Stu stays in Boulder and Fran goes to Maine
  3. Stu and Fran both travel to Massachusetts
  4. Stu and Fran stay in boulder with survivors

Week XI

Weekly Agenda

  1. Two Daily Creates
  2. Video Assignments
  3. Video Path Two Pt. 2
  4. QOTW


The second week of video work was relatively unproductive to me as far as digital storytelling, I was not feeling too well and had to deal with some other coursework that caught up with me. However, Haley, Rachel and I were able to make a pretty cool, apocalyptic themed video piece. I know what your saying though, the radio show was pretty intense, but this was looking at the apocalypse from a different point of view, perhaps a bit more realistic view.

Daily Creates

Tuesday’s Daily Create, making the strand of tweets using gifs, was actually hilarious and you must go back to the class twitter to check it out!

Video Assignments

I apologize to all following, I have slipped very far behind due to the baseball schedule at Mary Washington and I have been unable to find the time to complete the video assignments to this point, however, I can assure you that they will be posted in a later blog and this post will be edited to add the additional videos completed with this week’s coursework.

Video Path Two Pt. 2

QOTW: You hear on the radio that the End has started. What do you do first?

When I hear that The End has started, I will probably take a minute to slow down and remember YOLO. You only live once. If I don’t take The End seriously, I will not be able to YOLT, you only live twice, so I would start gathering materials and resources to aide me along the way into The End.