Apocalypse Digest, Vol. 5


Image result for audio fileWeekly Agenda

  1. Audio Overview
  2. Character Introduction and Assignment
  3. Reading and Reflection
  4. Frequency 2156
  5. Make A Song
  6. Self Eval
  7. QOTW

Audio story telling this week was interesting. In retrospect, I feel like audio storytelling has been my least favorite as I do not care to hear myself on camera or in audio files, so its hard to make my own mp3s. However, I did enjoy the perspectives introduced by Jad Abumrad on radio hosts being like ancient storytellers inducing imaginative affects in the audience. It was useful to learn the techniques of making, handling, and processing audio files.

My character introduction was done by making a fake tweet by Shaun from Shaun of the Dead and blogging the fake tweet onto the class website. I chose The Natural as my apocalyptic archetype and my characters name, Joey Buckets. He is a lazy, yet efficient quick learner who will take the apocalypse by storm.

Frequency 2156 was a fun assignment as I was able to make a radio broadcast to send into the year 2156. I was hunkered down with my roommates fighting off Elon Musks apocalyptic Musk Bots that had taken over the world.

Lastly I made a song using Logic Pro X combining beats and sound kits from my laptop to make a song loop that I thought sounded pretty sweet (below).

QOTW: How are you feeling? Be specific.

I am feeling well. I have been able to complete all of the work on a consistent basis and I have been learning new skills and refining some old techniques that I haven’t come back to recently. It has been an enjoyable topic, covering our own online apocalypse here in 2018.


PS: I also completed a self evaluation of my work thus far in the semester.

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