This single object saved my life! Tune into The End… of Storytelling As We Know It!

Old School Radio

I know it looks simple, old, obsolete. BUT this very radio saved many a life in the apocalypse. These dinosaur radios will be the only available source of telecommunications in a potential apocalypse.


Review: It is a must have device. I have been gathering them recently in case if the power grid blows and we can not communicate, they will be worth gold! Great investment. 9/10 apocalypse rating.

Finis (Alternate Ending) by Frank L. Pollack and David A. Slupek

*As the two main characters in Finis are in their shelter hiding from the intensity of the new sun (star) that just reached the Earth*

The two were stranded in the bunker with an odd sense of comfort and insecurity at the same time. They were conversing and turning over possibilities on how to survive once the new sun goes down.  They suggested so many ideas, but when it came down to it, Eastwood said that they should try to leave the shelter as the temperature outside went down. He figured if they were able to contact other people, then they would have an opportunity to set up a force field to shield the planet from the light waves.

After weeks of traveling around the town, Alice was getting tired of the lifestyle and running low on energy, while Eastwood was oddly enjoying the apocalyptic days and his new survivalist nature.

One morning Alice had had enough, she went outside to watch a final sunrise and found herself in awe of the heat and light produced from the new star as she burned to a crisp. That very night, Eastwood had come in contact with a scientist named Johansen who had developed a method to shield the planet, but was unable to create his shield because he did not have the raw materials. Johansen gave up hope, leaving Eastwood to create the shield and repopulate the Earth.

The End (Its supposed to be a cliffhanger…get it?)