Design Assignments

Assignment: Alternate Book Cover

The Stand by Stephen King reimagined. This time, its horizontal. The horizontal printing of this copy is meant to resemble the vast empty, openness of the post-illness apocalypse that occurs in the storyline.

Assignment: Character Generator… The Making of Joey Buckets


Pictured at the top is Joey Buckets. At the bottom is Joey Buckets chilling at home in his “natural” element, pre-apocalypse with his best friend Noah Doubloons. Although he seems nonchalant and chill in his Hawaiian shirt and khakis, he is quite The Natural when it comes to both playing video games AND killing zombies.


Assignment: Generate Cool Letters (3 Stars-applies to apocalypse)


Assignment: Destination Post Card (3.5 stars-not apocalypse related)

Canada. The best Lanada.