Design Assignments

Assignment: Alternate Book Cover

The Stand by Stephen King reimagined. This time, its horizontal. The horizontal printing of this copy is meant to resemble the vast empty, openness of the post-illness apocalypse that occurs in the storyline.

Assignment: Character Generator… The Making of Joey Buckets


Pictured at the top is Joey Buckets. At the bottom is Joey Buckets chilling at home in his “natural” element, pre-apocalypse with his best friend Noah Doubloons. Although he seems nonchalant and chill in his Hawaiian shirt and khakis, he is quite The Natural when it comes to both playing video games AND killing zombies.


Assignment: Generate Cool Letters (3 Stars-applies to apocalypse)


Assignment: Destination Post Card (3.5 stars-not apocalypse related)

Canada. The best Lanada.

Apocalypse Digest, Vol. 5


Image result for audio fileWeekly Agenda

  1. Audio Overview
  2. Character Introduction and Assignment
  3. Reading and Reflection
  4. Frequency 2156
  5. Make A Song
  6. Self Eval
  7. QOTW

Audio story telling this week was interesting. In retrospect, I feel like audio storytelling has been my least favorite as I do not care to hear myself on camera or in audio files, so its hard to make my own mp3s. However, I did enjoy the perspectives introduced by Jad Abumrad on radio hosts being like ancient storytellers inducing imaginative affects in the audience. It was useful to learn the techniques of making, handling, and processing audio files.

My character introduction was done by making a fake tweet by Shaun from Shaun of the Dead and blogging the fake tweet onto the class website. I chose The Natural as my apocalyptic archetype and my characters name, Joey Buckets. He is a lazy, yet efficient quick learner who will take the apocalypse by storm.

Frequency 2156 was a fun assignment as I was able to make a radio broadcast to send into the year 2156. I was hunkered down with my roommates fighting off Elon Musks apocalyptic Musk Bots that had taken over the world.

Lastly I made a song using Logic Pro X combining beats and sound kits from my laptop to make a song loop that I thought sounded pretty sweet (below).

QOTW: How are you feeling? Be specific.

I am feeling well. I have been able to complete all of the work on a consistent basis and I have been learning new skills and refining some old techniques that I haven’t come back to recently. It has been an enjoyable topic, covering our own online apocalypse here in 2018.


PS: I also completed a self evaluation of my work thus far in the semester.

Audio Assignment (total of 5 Stars)

Above is the media file to a song that I mashed up from a few of my favorite soundtracks on Logic Pro X on my MacBook Pro. It was Play DJ and Make A Song on the DS106 Assignment Bank. When I was making this song this week on my computer, I wanted to have an apocalyptic theme in mind, so I thought that the song mimicked the cold hearted nature of the climax in the movie iRobot, when the robots took over the city. (5 Stars)



Song Name: Dark Skies

Artist: Me,Myself, and I.

Frequency 2156

Frequency 2156 is an interesting online radio broadcast that takes place in a few decades from right now. I thought it was a cool way to simulate an apocalyptic event and attempt to communicate with someone you may never meet only through audio files.


I think that they made Frequency 2156 to make it seem like a primitive radio broadcast that would be close to all we had if the power grid went down or something.


Above is not the link to the URL with my broadcast, because the audio file had a hard time attaching to the websites upload page, so I just wanted to include the file that I made using iMovie and Logic Pro X, with only the built in microphone, sounds from sound packs, and an audio filter to make the sound more authentic.

Reading and Resource Reflection

I was interested to see what Had Abumrad had to say about storytelling as he was saying he was a radio host. Considering that it seems like the radio is going “out of style” or maybe on the decline, Jad seems to think that his job is only around still by mere luck. His own personal opinion is that radio should have been under many years ago, but he theorizes that because radio lacks a picture, people enjoy the audio storytelling to allow their own imaginations to create the picture.


I found it most interesting when Jad gave an example of how the audience uses their imagination to visualize the things he says and that image is drawn by his vocal stimulation of the intended audiences brain. That point resonated well with me especially when he followed it by saying that he sees his job almost as an ancient ritual of being a story teller.

Character Choice and Introduction

Archetype: The Natural

Example: Shaun from Shaun of the Dead

Assignment: What They Might Have Done In Social Media

Below is an example of a tweet that a Natural archetypical character like Shaun (Simon Pegg) from Shaun of the Dead would have tweeted.

My Character: Joey Buckets

Personality: Lazy, efficient, confident, quick learner. Joey Buckets is similar to Shaun of the Dead and closely resembles his subpar pre-apocalyptic lifestyle to his oddly successful post-apocalytptic lifestyle (a relative comparison).

Four Weeks In

This week was quite visual! I enjoyed documenting and storytelling my apocalypse using photos, gifs, and videos.

My Week:

  1. Daily Creates. My daily creates this week were both visual assignments just by luck. I did not expect the random generator to assign two TDCs that fit with the classes theme, but it just added to the fun! The two photos (below) are screenshots of the twitter post that I published my daily creates! 
  2. The Road. From the list of apocalyptic films on I chose The Road since it is on Netflix and seemed pretty intriguing. To be completely frank, I was disappointed! I really was looking forward to the movie and expected at least some action, but ended up watching a lot more dialogue and waiting around than anything else. Those are not my favorite thriller/apocalypse films, however, this scene had me on the edge of my seat… only to be let down, because there was, yet again, NO ACTION.

3. Photoblitz. My first photoblitz was fun! I have always wanted to do some photography and this was a good way to get my feet wet. I enjoyed the challenge of completing the project within twenty minutes (mine was precisely 17 if you saw on instagram).

4. Installing plug-ins (Akismet and Jetpack). Successful.

5. QOTW: Do you think an animated GIF can be considered a story? Why or why not? It would be great to include some examples to illustrate your thoughts.

No way! In my (un)professional opinion, I think that the point of a gif is almost like a commercial. Gifs are meant to grab your attention and tell only a tiny portion of a larger story. However, I have seen some gifs that are much longer (minutes) that do in some way tell a story, but a majority of gifs are not to tell stories but to highlight a portion of a story! After all, a picture is worth a thousand words… so a gif is worth a few thousand words.

Storytelling With Photos

Killing of the Governor
(The Walking Dead Season 4)


The gif (above) is a recurring image of the Killing of the Governor in The Walking Dead Season 4.


The image (above) is a juxtaposed photo of me just prior to the apocalypse and me three weeks into the apocalypse… things have changed to say the least.




Look out! Its a Photoblitz!

WOW! I can’t wait to use these techniques to get SO MANY MORE LIKES ON SOCIAL MEDIA! People won’t have any other choice, my photography skills are off the charts with the new tips I learned!

In order to make this post concise and clear I am going to share with you all my top three tips from the that can apply to any picture!

Photography Tips

1: LOOK TO THE LIGHT. Please people, pay attention to the lighting, it make a world of difference.

2: GET BALANCED. No one wants to turn their head or Phone/Computer/iPad/Tablet/Whathaveyou to see your picture, just set a gridline and get the picture in the perfect position.

3: PAY ATTENTION TO THE MOMENT. Equally as important as any other tip when taking a good photo, you need to be taking a photo of something, in order to showcase that specific thing.


Abandoned America

 Knightsbridge State Hospital. Below are some of the pictures from the gallery accompanied by captions that label a tip from the post on I really enjoyed looking through the galleries on Abandoned America and found some really aesthetic photos.

Change my perspective to change your perspective.

Better contrast makes better stories.

Get balanced.



Below is a link to my first Photoblitz on instagram!

Week Three in The End

This week was productive! Took several steps forward on long term projects. I started off my week by making a book choice! My book for the next few weeks will be The Stand by Stephen King! I am excited to continue the book from last week. Im sure you will hear more about the storyline soon.

After making my book choice, I posted my book choice and checked in on my mentions and posted onto the #welcome post. I enjoyed seeing the activity of my peers and all of the neat stuff they are doing!

I didn’t participate as much as I wanted to this week! I got behind a little bit with an illness, I have been suffering from bronchitis and a sinus infection recently. However, I will be posting more frequently on both slack and on twitter.

The daily creates were fun this week!

Short Stories

The two short stories that I read from the selection on the link included on the class page were: The Defenders by Philip K. Dick and Finis by Frank L. Pollack. I definitely preferred The Defenders, as the story line is eerily possible, I enjoyed how the writer engaged his audience by making the scenario/apocalypse realistic and appealing to the time period in which it was written. Dick used great imagery and scene-like transitions to make the plot unveil properly. On the other hand, Finis was a very compelling and interest concept as it followed a natural disaster from the third person of a party of people to give the reader different perspectives. I would definitely recommend both stories to anyone interested. Give them ratings: The Defenders-8/10 Finis-7.5/10.

QOTW: In the event of an apocalypse, do you think you’d be the kind of person to hoard your supplies (for yourself and your loved ones) or would you share them with those around you in need? Why or why not?

I would definitely be the kind of person to hoard my supplies for myself and my loved ones for sure! However, if me and my loved ones came upon another group of survivors and we wanted to put our societies together, I would be open to the idea. I am imagining something along the lines of the Walking Dead apocalypse, in that kind of scenario, it is so important to make sure you have enough to support your own!