Week 9 In a Wrap

Weekly Agenda

  1. Three Daily Creates. I repeat 3 TDCs
  2. Radio Show Tune-In/Reflection
  3. Revision Assignment
  4. QOTW

Week 9 was easy going, felt like a catch up week almost! I had a good time enjoying the lighter workload and taking some real time to sit down and read/reflect/comment on others posts and projects for the past few weeks! I was thrilled to see that everyone has been having such a good time with the assignments and enjoying their own apocalypses as they merged together into radio shows.

Daily Creates

The Daily Creates that I completed this week were actually hilarious. I dont know where people come up with these things, but I like them!

Assignment Remix

This past week I chose to remix one of the audio assignments that I completed form the DS106 assignment bank. The assignment that I remixed was to make a computer generated song, so I had created a song that was made completely on my computer using Logic, instead of adding on to a sample that I pulled from youtube.

Radio Shows

Eagle Report was a smash hit! I was so impressed with the work that Dan, Haley, Rachel, and I were able to put together, everyone played a fun and important role in the assignment and it really made a solid radio show.


Aside from the Eagle Report I also tuned into The Talk Sh*t Show! I have to say it was well fleshed out! I loved the background sounds as a topper, it completed the audiofile! But, the content was informative, hilarious, and well done! Round of applause for the creativity and enthusiasm in the radio show! #Altf4

QOTW: What’s one thing you definitely couldn’t live without during the apocalpyse? How would you go about obtaining it?

One thing I absolutely could not go without in the apocalypse has to be shoes…. I don’t think I could do an apocalypse barefoot. Its not happening. I would go to some pretty far depths to get my hands on some shoes. I would probably raid shoe stores or scavenge them from bodies. My sensitive feet just couldn’t handle an apocalypse!

Assignment Remix, No Seriously It’s A Remix

Image result for dj stock photo

So previously in this course, I created a song using Logic Pro X on my laptop, but I found that song to be too complex considering that I sampled and altered another song, it was not 100% all done with the keyboard provided by the software. So I decided to remix my old song assignment and create a new song this week made ENTIRELY on my laptop.


See the audio file below for the hook of the track!



Eagle Report 2.0

(Below) The Lab (ft. wings and Cannon)








Currently sitting here with Dan, Haley, and Rachel as we record our finals takes for the radio show before it is published. We are all excited to fill you in on the Westward Expansion going on in their apocalypse.

Preview: Louraine Baxter shares with us a brief background on the recent occurrings. Joey Buckets gives his almost meaningless eye witness account. Buckets is followed by Faniel Kan who called in to share his account of what is going on and his recent experimentation.

Weekly Digest

Weekly Agenda

  1. Four Daily Creates
  2. The Stand
  3. Radio Show
  4. QOTW


Solid past two weeks, the first of which… was spring break which was a nice break from classes, but just the beginning of the Eagle Report Radio Show project. Dan, Rachel, Haley, and I were grinding on our Eagle Report in order to piece together a great show.

Daily Creates

Making a radio show was new to me, but daily creates are not new to me. This week I accomplished a few cool tasks see them below!


Radio Show

Why blog about it, when I can put it right here?!


We as a group created our Eagle Report edition of the apocalyptic going ons of the past two weeks, see how it turned out!


QOTW: If the apocalypse were to happen, and you had to become something… else. Which kind of something would you want to be and why?


I think this one is pretty easy, I would definitely chose to become some form of super human, because I would have such a specialized skill that people could not want me to be on there side. I would always be saved by the population, because my skill would be unique and necessary for everyones livelihood. However, I realize that it would be completely cheesy to be superman-like so I would have to downgrade to something more along the lines of a smalltime superhero!


Eagle Report

Checking in! We have discussed who will be attending the Eagle Report, when they cover the strange goings on around the world… people moving west, again! Strange things have been going on and we will be bringing an eye witness Joey Buckets, and allowing callers to check in and give their take on the apocalyptic plague. We also expect to get a call from Faniel Kan, a local technology specialist.


Weekly Post(Malone)

Weekly Agenda

  1. Design Overview
  2. Three Daily Creates. I repeat 3 TDCs
  3. TED Talks and Canva Reflection
  4. Design Blitz
  5. Alternate Book Cover
  6. Character Generator
  7. QOTW

This week was good, to say the least! I have never tried or even used computer generated software, design templates, photoshop, or any of the newly introduced techniques to create images and design things using a computer. All in all, it was a good experience and I think it proved itself useful.

I liked the flow of assignments that we had this week as we gradually eased our way into really designing things that are well thought out and comprehensive. Starting off the week with a good overview of what it means to design things and gradually learning about design, then recognizing design via the photoblitz, then lastly creating Apocalyptic and Class Related designs to end the week.

Daily Creates

The Daily Creates that I completed this week were fun and funny (all three are below).


TED Talks and Canva Relfection

These recourses were interesting to watch! First off, because I love TED talks, I think that they change the world by giving amazing people an opportunity to share their testimonies to the world. Furthermore, it was amazing to see how these two people have such deep roots in design and in doing so, they have become influential by creating models and graphics to explode “design” as an industry into the mainstream world with various marketing techniques and architecture.

The Paula Scher video was kind of dry and long considering that it was 20 minutes, but she was able to show how intricate design can be and how hard pressed the business can be with “serious play.” However, David Carson on the other hand was slightly less dry to watch, but he was able to show the audience more specific examples of his personal techniques from his own work-which was empowering.

However, the most effective form of design education was the best! I really enjoyed doing the Canva tutorials! It was much more hands-on learning than the TED talks and I found the tutorials attractive and easy to use which made it way more fun and enjoyable, while also being able to incorporate my own creativity into the tutorials.

I think that the Canva tutorials contradicted the TED talks. The two TED talks made it seem as if Design was a club to be a part of, not an activity or hobby that anyone can participate in. I personally think that design is a form of art and should be able to convey anyone’s message, it should not be used for business reasons only-it taints the art aspect of design.


Design Assignments

I wanted to include a few of my completed designs into this weeks weekly post. Featured below are my Alternate Book Cover and Joey Buckets.

QOTW: What’s been the most succcesful group you’ve been a part of and what made it work?

Hmmm this is a toughy! I have been a part of some great groups/teams that really impressed me, but it was not because of anything in particular, it was just because “the sum is greater than its parts.” I think that the best group I have every been a part of was my freshman year at UMW on the baseball team! I have been playing baseball for most of my life, but I have never been on a team that was so talented and full of charisma like the team my freshman year. Each and every player was able to play his role to the best of his ability and in doing so, we ended up going 27-7… which is pretty good.

Design Assignments

Assignment: Alternate Book Cover

The Stand by Stephen King reimagined. This time, its horizontal. The horizontal printing of this copy is meant to resemble the vast empty, openness of the post-illness apocalypse that occurs in the storyline.

Assignment: Character Generator… The Making of Joey Buckets


Pictured at the top is Joey Buckets. At the bottom is Joey Buckets chilling at home in his “natural” element, pre-apocalypse with his best friend Noah Doubloons. Although he seems nonchalant and chill in his Hawaiian shirt and khakis, he is quite The Natural when it comes to both playing video games AND killing zombies.


Assignment: Generate Cool Letters (3 Stars-applies to apocalypse)


Assignment: Destination Post Card (3.5 stars-not apocalypse related)

Canada. The best Lanada.

Apocalypse Digest, Vol. 5


Image result for audio fileWeekly Agenda

  1. Audio Overview
  2. Character Introduction and Assignment
  3. Reading and Reflection
  4. Frequency 2156
  5. Make A Song
  6. Self Eval
  7. QOTW

Audio story telling this week was interesting. In retrospect, I feel like audio storytelling has been my least favorite as I do not care to hear myself on camera or in audio files, so its hard to make my own mp3s. However, I did enjoy the perspectives introduced by Jad Abumrad on radio hosts being like ancient storytellers inducing imaginative affects in the audience. It was useful to learn the techniques of making, handling, and processing audio files.

My character introduction was done by making a fake tweet by Shaun from Shaun of the Dead and blogging the fake tweet onto the class website. I chose The Natural as my apocalyptic archetype and my characters name, Joey Buckets. He is a lazy, yet efficient quick learner who will take the apocalypse by storm.

Frequency 2156 was a fun assignment as I was able to make a radio broadcast to send into the year 2156. I was hunkered down with my roommates fighting off Elon Musks apocalyptic Musk Bots that had taken over the world.

Lastly I made a song using Logic Pro X combining beats and sound kits from my laptop to make a song loop that I thought sounded pretty sweet (below).

QOTW: How are you feeling? Be specific.

I am feeling well. I have been able to complete all of the work on a consistent basis and I have been learning new skills and refining some old techniques that I haven’t come back to recently. It has been an enjoyable topic, covering our own online apocalypse here in 2018.


PS: I also completed a self evaluation of my work thus far in the semester.

Audio Assignment (total of 5 Stars)

Above is the media file to a song that I mashed up from a few of my favorite soundtracks on Logic Pro X on my MacBook Pro. It was Play DJ and Make A Song on the DS106 Assignment Bank. When I was making this song this week on my computer, I wanted to have an apocalyptic theme in mind, so I thought that the song mimicked the cold hearted nature of the climax in the movie iRobot, when the robots took over the city. (5 Stars)



Song Name: Dark Skies

Artist: Me,Myself, and I.

Frequency 2156

Frequency 2156 is an interesting online radio broadcast that takes place in a few decades from right now. I thought it was a cool way to simulate an apocalyptic event and attempt to communicate with someone you may never meet only through audio files.


I think that they made Frequency 2156 to make it seem like a primitive radio broadcast that would be close to all we had if the power grid went down or something.


Above is not the link to the URL with my broadcast, because the audio file had a hard time attaching to the websites upload page, so I just wanted to include the file that I made using iMovie and Logic Pro X, with only the built in microphone, sounds from sound packs, and an audio filter to make the sound more authentic.